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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom,
must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~Thomas Paine

Born in Frankfurt Germany, the son of a military man who was stationed there during the Vietnam War, I too Joined the US Army in 1988. Ironically, I was stationed at my place of birth (Germany) some 20 years later. I was stationed at two separate posts in Germany: Geissen and Babbenhousen, where I served in Artillery units in the capacity of a 13B cannon-cocker.

Later, I was assigned stateside at Ft. Sill Oklahoma and then Ft. Polk Louisiana, where I continued in the combat arms occupation. In 1997 I transferred into the AGR Program where I work full time in a Reserve Dental unit, serving as their Training NCO.

I began writing poetry at a young age, primarily because I really didn't have the looks or means to really impress the young ladies in High School. Although many of my friends at the time had one or the other. Therefore, as a friend... I would write down their thoughts in the form of a poem to their girlfriends and watch the power of my words in their relationships. This was my reward and was enough to satisfy a country boy from the sticks of the Ozark Mountains.

After my splash in the Army, seeing all walks of life and the situations they bring along. I began to capture those moments in poetry. On maneuvers in the military I had time to reflect on those who came before me and could put myself in their shoes.

In the Army, the main philosophy is to train as you fight. Therefore, many times it truly felt like war... real rounds and the whole deal. Sometimes I was half-scared-to-death, although I'd never admit it then.

To actually see the horrible spectacles of war in my mind created images that were sobering and produced a drive to share my thoughts. It is my hope that my efforts in writing will connect and reflect words others would have wanted relayed.

Once again, "God Bless those who served".

Jerry Laub, SSG AGR